Hi! I’m Sara. I’ve got an amazing hubster, John, who I fight with and lovingly adore with equal passion; two beautiful boisterous kids, Dani & Greyson, who drive me crazy while simultaneously making me the happiest Mommy in the whole world, and one beautiful, patient, positively-perfect-pooch, Dublin. This is the stuff that dreams are made of folks.

I also love to paint, create, tear apart and redo, teach and just generally live for getting my hands dirty makin’ stuff with and for the people I love.

I am part-owner of an online fine art print business. Phew, let me tell ya, that’s a lot of work and the most challenging thing I’ve ever done, after being a Mom of course. I could do the 9-5…heck, I DID the 9-5 for a long time, in many different facets of the art field, but nothing teaches you more or provides more freedom than doin’ it on your own. It’s also the scariest, most uncertain choice. So, here I’m gonna take a moment to pat myself on the back and say, “Go me! Yay for stepping outside of that comfort-zone-prison.” Never thought I could be this brave…

And now, I’ve added a blog and re-vamped etsy store (coming soon!) to my roster.


This blog will be a place where I hoard all sorts of DIY projects, around the house, garden (which should be interesting considering my black thumb), art studio and anywhere else I can make something better than it was before. They’ll definitely be some artsy-fartsy ones and you can count on lots of projects for the kiddos (all tested and kid-approved of course).

I want to talk to you about motherhood too…like for realskies. None of this “I say what everyone wants me to say” sort of bull-honky. Being a mom is H-A-R-D, and I won’t sugar-coat it. So is being a wife – yikes – we can tenderly touch on that too.

I’m also dying to talk about being an artist in conjunction with parenthood. How do we stay focused and motivated ladies? I dunno, but with your help, we’re gonna figure it out.

Small business advice, trials, tribulations & questions? Yup, they’ll be here too.

Come along with me. Without you, this is just another blip on the web. Okay, maybe not even a blip…..more of a pfpffffff. 🙂

It’s gonna be fun…



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